Student Resources: Master the Periodic Table!

At first glance the periodic table can look impossible to learn. Considering all the elements and facts, the table can be quite the daunting task, especially when you are studying or memorizing it for an exam. But really, the periodic table is only a lot of information concentrated into one small space. If you tackle each piece of information at a time, before long you will be able to list the elements in your sleep.

Mastering the table is possible for any student – all you need is the right way to learn. The online world offers the best tools to start the process. So if chemistry class has you worried and you need a boost, start with these resources!

Learn the Elements

Interactives: The Periodic Table: Ready for a new kind of chemistry class? This site takes you through the periodic basics, starting with how we discovered atoms and moving onto what the periodic table does and why it has its shape. Later sections go into depth about isotypes and other details. The “Test Your Skills” section helps you find out how much information you learned on your read-through.

The Elements App: Many online periodic tables refuse to play well with phones or iPads. This is one excellent exception, with a portable, zoomable table that includes a couple different quizzes for you to practice with. If you want a mobile table to review and learn on the go, download this app and start using it. Just not during the exam.

Study the Elements

Web Elements: If you want a deep study resource, head over to and check out all the information it gives you. The periodic table is just the beginning. Click on any element and you will find a whole page devoted to the history and uses of that element. The site also shows you the latest element news and has sections that go deep on atomic structure and properties.

Los Alamos: Periodic Table of the Elements: Los Alamos is an internationally famous laboratory, so it knows what it is talking about. This table is simpler than the Web Elements version, and clicking on the element will give you basic, useful facts, great for review and study. This site is unique for the way it replaces the boring periodic table squares with small pictures of the elements themselves…or at least related icons. This is an excellent resource if you need to learn the elements by recognizing pictures, or if seeing their forms helps you remember them.

Master the Elements

Sporcle: Can You Name the Elements of the Periodic Table?: This quiz is simple. Type in the element and Sporcle will immediately recognize it. Click on a square if there is an element you do not know. Repeat until you can pick any element square at will and know which element fits. The test is timed if you want an extra challenge, but ignore the timer if you are just experimenting.

Jefferson Lab: Element Flash Cards: Pick how many questions you want and what type of information you want to study, then use this flashcard quiz to help test yourself. Switch information or the number of questions to create different types of quizzes, until you feel prepared for anything!