The Best in U.S. Legal Resources

Law in the United States can be divided into several different specialties, including corporate, immigration and family law. Each of these different types of law has their own unique procedures, documents and praxis. The following is a listing of helpful links that explore different specialties most readily practiced in the country today.

Corporate Law

Immigration & Labor Law

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association: The American Immigration Lawyers Association supports attorneys who practice and teach immigration law.
  • Immigration Department: This is the webpage of the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Office. It includes relevant traveling documents, passport and visa applications, and crucial information on immigration law and immigration forms.
  •, Immigration Issues:’s web page on immigration law provides links and information about policies impact on social and ethical issues.
  • This webpage provides basic immigration information and citizenship.

Criminal Law

Environmental Law

Family Law

International Law

  • American University International Law Review: The American University International Law Review is published six times each year by American University. Its website includes links to back issues, a current news feed and links to international law research projects and organizations.
  • Berkeley Journal of International Law: This is a journal dedicated to the study of ethical international and comparative law.
  • Hastings International and Comparative Law: The University of California’s law school system includes Hastings International and Comparative Law, which provides strong training in international and comparative law.
  • United Nations, International Law: This is the link to the International Law division of the United Nations. Its website includes information on thematic areas, UN offices, news, tools and other resources related to international law.

Patent Law

  • Bitlaw, Patent Law: Bitlaw provides a thorough overview of the history and policies of U.S. patent laws.
  • This is a search tool that allows users to locate specific patents.
  • Patent Search Information Site: This informational site provides an introductory guide to patent information and searches.
  • US Patent Search: US Patent Search allows users to download patents from the United States Patent Office for free.