Get the Most Out of the Federal Reserve’s Site

The Financial Panic of 1907, which was caused by a severe depreciation of the New York Stock Exchange, paved the road for the creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1919. Out of the many provisions arising from this Act, a central banking system of the U.S. government was created, which was called the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve System has many fiscal responsibilities, including the management of the nation’s monetary policies, national and private banking regulations, and general oversight on all interactions with foreign financial institutions. The Federal Reserve System is also solely responsible for creating the national currency system in the United States.

The Federal Reserve System’s website provides a broad overview of services for consumers, including information on individual Reserve System chapters and extensive profiles of the Board of Governors. A range of consumers, from individuals to private business owners, as well as nonprofit organizations and charities, will also find relevant information online that includes consumer advice and information on community affairs. The Reserve’s website also provides readers with a range of financial services and economic education resources.

The following is a comprehensive review of the many services offered online by the Federal Reserve System:

Sections of the Federal Reserve’s Website

Additional Resources

For those wanting to learn more about the many services the Federal Reserve System provides, as well as its evolving history, here are some helpful websites to browse.

  • American Currency Exhibit: The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s online exhibit of the U.S. currency provides consumers with a historical context of the Federal Reserve Bank. This online exhibit details the rich history of currency, exploring how our economy is tied to the various currency changes in the past century.
  • Federal Reserve System Bank of Minneapolis: This chapter of the Federal Reserve Bank provides readers with a broad overview of the history of the Federal Reserve System of the United States, including why and how it was established, as well as its historical significance.
  • The Financial Markets Center: This informative website provides a range of information, including the Fed’s current research and educational resources applicable to grass-root nonprofit organizations, unions, policymakers and journalists interested in the Federal Reserve System and its financial markets.