An Investor’s Introductory Guide to Technology Stocks

We live in an age of a remarkable digital revolutions. In just the past 20 years, our notions of speed and information have transformed, with digital technology replacing analog mechanical and electronic technology. From daily communication to the way we work, the Internet, media, telecommunications, mobile communications and biotechnology have permanently changed our lives. But it’s not just everyday people that are affected. Technology has also become an integral component of any and every type of business.

The analysis of stock market specialists and investment bankers shows that the tech sector is much less vulnerable to recessions or volatile economic swings. For example, the tech industry is currently the only market group that has more cash than debt. It is  not hard to make the argument that this makes tech stocks one of the market’s best investments.

In the past several years, worldwide, corporate IT spending has steadily grown. Industry giants like Microsoft and EMC have made a notable impact on the market. Microsoft, in particular, has consistently been trusted by stock trade specialists as a “safe bet.” And although Microsoft has lagged behind rivals such as Apple, it still remains the most widely used operating system in the world, and is always taking pains to upgrade its technology. EMC stock earnings, which are more affordable than competitor bonds, are expected to climb by 16 percent by 2016.

Technology Stock Blogs

The following is a list of informative blogs that will help readers unravel and understand some of the more complicated aspects of investing in technology stocks.

  • InfoTech Trends: Infotech Trends offers company-specific information on current trends in the market share concerning computers, computer software and information technology industries.
  • The Inger Letter: The Inger Letter provides readers with information on technology stocks, with a special focus on reports and recommendations by Standard & Poor’s 500. The blogger also writes daily assessments and briefs of market conditions and how different factors, such as T-Bonds, impact Standard & Poor’s ratings.
  • Gilder Technology Report: The Gilder Technology is published monthly, and includes reports from long-time tech-savvy investors and thinkers. It focuses on new paradigms in high technology and tracking technology’s next big thing.
  • Medical Technology Stock Letter: This is an industry-leading investment newsletter that focuses on the growth and patterns in the biotechnology sector. It includes information on biotech mergers and acquisitions, short term versus long terms biotech investments, advice on individual stock picks and information on the impacts of FDA approval on biotech companies and sales.
  • Stock Exchange of Technologies: For those interested in selling technology patents, Stock Exchange of Technologies provides an online marketplace. The website illuminates what is continually emerging in the technology market, as well as the emergence of new tech-based research.
  • Super Stock Forum: Super Stock Forums News provides information and technology discussions that cover some of the strongest technology stocks and investments in the market. It also provides tech updates on engine developments.
  • Stock Neuro Master: This is a website that offers stock trading information on software that uses neural networks and other artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Techinvest: Techinvest provides advice on high-performing technology stocks to readers, including technology stocks in mobile communications, biotechnology and the Internet.
  • Trade Method: Trade Method is a stock investing and analysis software used to develop stock investment strategies. It uses advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence, in order to analyze stocks and offer recommendations to users.
  • Tradestreaming: This website offers reviews, tools, tips, and information on different types of technologies to help investors make smart investment decisions.

More and more information is being written and placed online to help guide individuals make smart investment decisions in the tech and biotech sectors. And although technology stocks may offer a degree of security and has, overall, remained immune from the economic dips of recessions, readers should still be cautious and aggressively research before purchasing technology stocks. Smart investments in an ever-growing field like technology require a long-term plan. Your investments should all lend themselves to a diverse and profit-driven portfolio.