7 Most Unique Credit Card Perks

by Rebecca Black on April 20, 2012

Every time you spend money via your credit card, you rake up points. These points can be used for all kinds of rewards, and they vary depending on the card. Most people know the obvious rewards that you get from credit card points, such as mileage. There are credit cards that hone in entirely on this reward advantage, such as the Chase Continental Airlines MasterCard. However, most cards offer at least one incredibly unique reward option, and often it is something you’d never think of on your own. These wacky reward items often cost an exorbitant amount of credit card points even if they retail at a relatively low amount.

  1. Go to Adult Band Camp

    If you have a Citibank credit card, spend enough money and you can cash in your reward points so that you can go to adult rock band camp. It takes accruing about 385,000 points via Citi’s Thank You card. Given that reward members are able to get one point for every dollar they spend on the card, achieving this reward can take a tremendous amount of time. Citibank extended this offer after partnering with Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy Camp, providing four different program options. The camp utilizes authentic rock stars as their instructors, including members of Def Leopard and Red Hot Chili Peppers. One of the available four-day camp sessions in New York winds down by picking the most skilled campers and allowing them to play in the opening act for the Woodstock Festival.

  2. Experience Weightless Flight

    Wells Fargo offers the experience of weightless flight for 702,600 points. This could be considered somewhat ridiculous since it retails at only $5,000. However, for the astronaut inside all of us who would love to know what it’s like to walk on the moon or hang out in a zero-gravity chamber, it’s quite a unique perk to spending money using your credit card. The experience includes a briefing by veteran astronauts, fitting yourself into a space suit, and entering a Boeing 727 with zero-gravity enabled. From there on, you’re free to float around as you please.

  3. Hang Out with Mad Men

    If you have a Chase Sapphire card, you could have utilized it to attend the Mad Men VIP Premier Event. By gaining 5,000 points through spending on your Chase Sapphire card, you would have been entitled to go to the season four finale screening, which was in October 2010. Cashing in on this offer granted you access to the 21 Club in New York City, where you would have been able to have cocktails and witty repertories with the cast of Mad Men themselves. You could sip on a martini while gabbing to Christina Hendricks about how much you love Joan.

  4. Fund Farmville

    American Express paired up with Zynga in December 2010. After this, they began to advertise that you could use your American Express reward points to purchase items in their various Facebook games. Amex tries to beef up the pathetic nature of this offer by explaining that you’re not just accruing Amex points, but rather “social currency.” As a promotional stint, Amex offered all Farmville players a free blue windmill for their farm, allowing for “Instant Grow,” meaning players may immediately harvest crops. Likewise, Amex set forth a Facebook promotion that gives players half off Membership Rewards redemption rate for Zynga game cards.

  5. Hire an Elvis Impersonator

    Using Bank of America rewards points, you can hire your very own Elvis Presley impersonator. To do what, exactly? Why, to walk you down the aisle, of course. For around $17,000-worth of credit card charges, you can get married in the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas where this Elvis look-alike will personalize your wedding by walking the bride down the aisle and singing classic Elvis hits such as “All Shook Up” and “Jailhouse Rock” throughout the ceremony. When you consider that hiring “Elvis” yourself only retails for $168.28, you may reconsider what you spend your reward points on, but it certainly would be unique.

  6. Become A Fighter Pilot

    For a mere 194,200 points via your Wells Fargo credit card, you can cash in the reward of spending one day as a fighter pilot. After being fitted for gear, your instructor will sit beside you whilst training you in simulated combat. You’ll be taught to use the controls and spend the whole day living out your dreams of engaging in mid-air violence. The twelve-year-old boy in you will be delighted, and you will have bragging rights for the rest of your lifetime.

  7. Become a Yogi

    If you have a Capitol One credit card, you can earn points toward yoga classes, meditation, tai chi, Pilates, and Reiki. These one-hour classes cost about 11,000 miles on your card. You can use the reward at various yoga and meditation studios across the United States. Of all the bizarre rewards on the list, this seems like the most plausible, especially since you can use the reward at a variety of locations. If you’re raking up the points via travel, you may need to visit yoga studios in various locations because of your jetsetter lifestyle. Perhaps the yoga and meditation will give you peace of mind concerning all the money you had to spend just to get into those classes.

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