13 Helpful Educational Resources for Learning About Credit

by Megan Hartman on May 18, 2012

Let’s face it- we probably don’t know as much about credit as we should. Credit is so important nowadays it’s like you can’t do anything without someone asking to pull a copy of your credit report. From buying a car, to asking for a loan, to trying to buy a house, your credit score can say a whole lot about your financial responsibility. The following are some great lesson plans to help educate yourself on everything from the basics of credit to managing credit card debt:

  1. Credit for Beginners
  2. Here, readers can learn about credit, the importance of establishing and building your credit, and will become familiar with the many terms and concepts associated with credit.

  3. Credit Introduction- Using and Abusing Credit Cards
  4. This resource highlights the ins and outs of using credit cards including why we need credit and credit cards and ways to avoid abusing credit cards and falling into debt.

  5. How Credit Works
  6. In this lesson plan, readers will become familiar with credit terminology, how credit cards work and will have the opportunity to learn about loan applications.

  7. Pay Credit When it is Due
  8. This lesson plan focuses on the basics of credit cards as well as how they can affect your credit score and other factors that make up a credit score.

  9. Credit: Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy?
  10. This lesson plan focuses on the good and evil sides of credit.

  11. I Owe You
  12. In this lesson plan, readers will learn the basics of credit card debt and create a brochure about debt as well.

  13. Filling Empty Pockets
  14. While completing this lesson, readers will learn about borrowing and how credit cards work.

  15. The Credit Card Mystery
  16. In this lesson plan, readers will be able to learn about the terms and fees associated with credit cards and more.

  17. The Business of Credit
  18. Here, readers will learn about credit ratings and explore how they are determined.

  19. Understanding Credit Reports
  20. Upon completion of this lesson, readers will be able to understand and identify elements associated with credit reports.

  21. Buy Now and Pay More Later
  22. This lesson plan is focused on analyzing the decision making process to use credit cards as well as identifying the criteria needed to establish credit.

  23. Consumer Credit: Buy Now, Pay Later, and More
  24. Upon completion of this lesson, readers will be able to determine the costs and benefits of using credit cards as study the decisions involved with making credit card purchases.

  25. Credit, Bankruptcy & Debt
  26. The objective of this lesson plan is to teach readers the responsibilities of credit including avoiding debt and even bankruptcy.

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